Performance Snapshot

Recent statewide and district performance data is available for safety, asset condition, and safety performance. This graphic displays the performance data, and a display board captures the full performance management process and links it to VTrans, Virginia’s long-range, multimodal transportation plan, and SMART SCALE, the state’s project prioritization process.


Performance management is a strategic approach that uses system information to inform investment and policy decisions to achieve transportation system performance goals. Utilizing performance management better positions Virginia to develop and implement smart, transparent, and efficient transportation policy and investment strategies which underpin a healthy economy and put the state’s transportation program in a strong position to support the Commonwealth’s economic growth and competitiveness moving forward. Setting targets for performance measures helps to establish a strategic direction for the future of Virginia’s surface transportation network.

Virginia has set targets for safety, pavement and bridge condition, and system performance, as well as transit assets. The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) adopted statewide safety targets in July and statewide asset condition and system performance targets in September.