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OIPI’s Statewide Transportation Planning (STP) section focuses on: (1) VTrans – Virginia’s Transportation Plan; (2) Growth and Accessibility Planning (GAP) Technical Assistance Program; and (3) other statewide planning initiatives that require needs identification or needs prioritization.

About VTrans 

VTrans is Virginia’s multimodal surface transportation plan. Pursuant to § 33.2-353, it is prepared for the Commonwealth Transportation Board by the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI).

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VTrans conducts a comprehensive assessment of transportation needs and long-term risks and opportunities to guide Virginia’s transportation future. VTrans has the following four major components, symbolized by four pillars above.

  1. The first critical piece is CTB’s vision, goals, and objectives. These goals and objectives inform the identification and prioritization of transportation needs. 

  2. CTB has established a policy to identify and prioritize transportation needs, known as Mid-term Needs. The identified Mid-term Needs are used to screen funding applications for the SMART SCALE program and prioritize funding requests received for VDOT’s Revenue Sharing Program. CTB has also established prioritized locations based on the identified Mid-term Needs.  OIPI, VDOT, and DRPT, in collaboration with local and regional partners, develop solutions for Priority 1 and 2 locations.

  3. CTB has also established a policy to develop and monitor a Long-term Risk & Opportunity Register which identifies uncertainties facing the transportation system into the future based on a trends analysis. The 2021 VTrans Risk & Opportunity Register has 19 items that require monitoring.

  4. Finally, the fourth pillar is a set of strategic actions that are adopted by the CTB and guide OIPI, VDOT, and DRPT's business plans.  The identified actions are monitored by OIPI.

About GAP-TA 

The Growth & Accessibility Planning or GAP Technical Assistance Program serves to support Virginia localities as well as the goals of the Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment. This technical assistance program has four components, each component has differences in the eligible applicants, eligible activities, expected outcomes, and application evaluation criteria.

Other Statewide Transportation Planning Initiatives

This section will be updated to share more information on such initiatives.

Last updated: May 1, 2024

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